“Jaw With John” – Can I graduate? Can I look in faces that I meet? Can I get my punk ass off the street?

I finish my college program at the end of this month. I plan to move out of my parents’ house in June. I’ve looked up a few places nearby and have done some research. It’s exciting! The only thing I fret about is that my parents will try to hold me home another year or more and I really don’t want to live at home anymore.

My plan is to be out before my 23rd birthday. I’ll start saving up money so by June I’ll have at least $1,000. How can I do what I want to do — not what they want me to do? — Almost Graduate

Dear Graduate:

Third Eye Blind posed this question nearly 20 years ago: “Can I graduate?” Clearly you can, but you also need to graduate from living with your parents. You can also “get your punk ass off the street” while you’re at it.

You seem eager and ready to tackle the world, which is cool, but I hope you’ve done enough research to know if you’ll need more than $1,000. Because you most likely will need more than that amount. Don’t risk being in financial hardship just because you want to move away from your parents. It’s not worth it. Make a plan, save more than what you think will need and then execute that plan. There’s nothing sweeter than when a plan comes together.

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