“Jaw With John” – It’s Seafood, Not See Food

My husband and I just hosted another family meal and, once again, I am dismayed by the complete lack of basic manners and courtesy from various adult family members.

No one says please or thank you. Many of them chew with their mouths open and talk with their mouths full. They are all older than 40. I can’t think of any polite way to make them aware of their rudeness, but I am sick of it. Any suggestions? — Grossed Out

Dear Grossed:

Suggestion: Don’t eat with them again. What you described is disgusting and … well, just plain disgusting. There is no delicate way to say to an adult that their eating habits are that on an infant. They won’t take kindly to your comment, no matter how you tell them. Perhaps this family is just a “Meet For Drinks” family. That way you’ll never have to see them behave poorly again. Unless they’re slurpers…

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