“Jaw With John” – Offline Girlfriend Creating Online Barriers

My serious girlfriend has a social media account. She refuses to include me in her group and has blocked me from having access to simply look at the site.

This concerns me because while I understand she needs and deserves privacy, I feel like she could be hiding something from me. I’m not sure what she could be hiding but I wonder if it is something like having relationships with other men.

Am I being overly concerned or unfair to her? — Serious Guy

Dear Guy:

Uh no dude. You’re not. You have every reason to be concerned. She won’t let you see what’s on her Facebook(?) page – I assume Facebook because let’s be real here, no one is on MySpace anymore – and that raises a GIANT RED FLAG. If you’re the snooping kind then you could ask someone who has access to her page show you what she’s up to. Or you know, you could just ask her straight up and see how she reacts.

If you two are as serious as you say you are and she won’t let you in to her digital space and this is a big problem for you, then you might need to rethink this relationship. She is clearly hiding something from you and put up a barrier. Break it down or break up with her…or break it down and THEN break up with her…or break it down and stay with her…You have a few options.

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