“Jaw With John” – Don’t Wonder “What If?”

I’m a senior in high school and am experiencing some friendship/relationship troubles. There’s a guy from a different school that I’ve known for a while. We have many similar interests and values. We talk often, but I don’t see him regularly because we don’t go to the same school.

I’ve developed feelings for him, and I’m interested in furthering my relationship with him. The only problem is that one of my close friends has expressed a very strong interest in him. I am private about this subject, but she has told many people about her feelings for him.

The guy knows she likes him and has not expressed interest in her. I’m afraid that if I tell her my thoughts, she’ll feel betrayed and will distance herself from me. I don’t want to ruin our friendship. What am I supposed to do? — Torn Friend

Dear Torn:

Maybe this guy hasn’t expressed interest in your friend because he doesn’t like her. And if that’s the case then if the two of you hit it off and she is left flailing in the wind then she will most likely resent you. It’s almost a no win scenario between you and your friend regardless of what you do. Tell this guy how you feel because if he finds someone else, or you do nothing at all, then you’re left wondering “What if?”. It is then that you will hate yourself even more for not doing something. Your friend may move on, or she may not. Either way, don’t let her feelings stand in the way of you possibly being happy.

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