“Jaw With John” – Noisy Kids Lead to Problems in Bed, Literally

My husband and I have been living in our apartment for the past three years and generally enjoy it. However, the couple that lives in the apartment directly above us have custody of the husband’s two children (elementary age) every other weekend.

I know this not because they have told me, but because without fail on these mornings we wake up to the shrill screams of the daughter while the son antagonizes her. This quickly leads to the father bellowing and general chaos for several minutes.

If we do manage to fall back asleep we will be awakened again when the children come barreling down the staircase, yelling and pushing one another.

I am a teacher; I truly and honestly understand that children are not and should not be placid all the time. But am I wrong to think that the adults should have more control over the situation?

The children scream and carry on at other times of the day as well, but I can choose not to care about that because it’s during my waking hours.

Is there any way that I can leave a self-help book about parenting while sharing custody at their front door without looking passive-aggressive?

Kids in a classroom benefit from structure and classroom management, so how do I gently suggest these parents try the same? — Sleepless in Baltimore

Dear Sleepless:

You can’t try and tell someone how to raise their kids. It’s just bad form.

How early are these kids waking up and screaming? 5am? 6am? Because that would be early. Being an early riser, I am of the opinion that getting up at 7:30 counts as sleeping in. But that’s just me. Stop being lazy, go to bed and get up at a decent hour! Because if I were to find out that these kids were getting up at 9am and being loud and you were mad about that…I would lose it. I mean, gardeners are allowed to operate their machinery after 7:30am and I think a lawnmower is much louder than two kids. Suck it up.

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