“Jaw With John” – Cats Are Not Allowed in the Kitchen

We have a family situation that comes up every year during the holidays. My son and his wife have no kids. Their animals are treated like their children.

Every year we are invited to their house for a holiday dinner. Their cats have free roam of the house and their litter box is in the kitchen next to where we sit down to eat.

That is bad enough, but while we are there the cats use the litter box and then jump up on the counter (where their food is) to eat and also to be petted — all while my daughter-in-law makes the dinner.

We get so sick at this sight that we barely eat any dinner.

We look forward to spending time with them and have made a slight reference to the cat litter box, but our daughter-in-law is not about to change. To her these cats are her kids.

We are worried that if we say anything the relationship with my son will suffer. What should we do? We just don’t want to eat in that kitchen again! — Stuck in the Litter

Dear Stuck:

Cats are awful, terrible creatures. Tell them to ditch the cats and switch to dogs. Dogs are the best.

Cats are too unwieldy and no matter how much you train them, they can snap at any moment. You know what you’re getting with dogs, no surprises. Dogs also do their business OUTSIDE and not next to where you prepare food – unless you prep meals outside … on the grass/dirt.

Your daughter-in-law sounds like a crazy cat lady and they can’t be reasoned with at all. BUT, if you’re trying to lose weight this sounds like a great way to do it! Look at those cats walking around near your food and eat less! Otherwise, steer clear of cats in general. They suck.

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