“Jaw With John” – Helicopter Parents Digital Hovering

“I recently got a phone for my 14th birthday. With the new phone came lots of rules.

I have a Kik and a Snapchat app and an Instagram account, etc. (like most teenagers), but my parents decided that they should be able to go through my phone and all my social networking accounts whenever they feel the need.

I don’t like this because my friends say things my parents would find inappropriate and then my friends get in trouble with my parents.

I understand that my parents just mean to keep me safe, especially with cyber-bullying around, but I kind of feel like this is a violation of my privacy. Your thoughts? — Violated

Dear Violated:

In this era of sexting and cyber bullying your parents are just looking out for you and making sure you are safe. It’s their job.

I wouldn’t like it either if I was a teenager living in this social media age. Thank god I could only call, text, play Snake or Brick Attack on my phone when I was your age. Also, only MySpace and Friendster were around, which were meh…AIM was big, but that was it for social media and messaging, unless you *GASP* actually talked face to face with people!

Kik? Really? The only people I know who use kik are hookers who solicit me online via spam emails and people at the beer company I used to work for. I think you need to find a new messaging app.

Your friends will post stupid things, it happens. Just be smart about what you post and who can post on your pages and things will be cool. And if you don’t like your parents hovering around your digital space then you can delete those pages and apps and go off the grid and live like it’s 1997.

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