“Jaw With John” – Hey! Hey! You! You! You don’t like your boyfriend

I met a really nice man about a month ago, and we have been going out. We did not have our first kiss until our fifth date, and we were both drunk when it happened.

We spent almost the whole weekend together (no sex) this past weekend, and it was a lot of fun. He sent roses to my office on Monday. However, I feel like a jerk because I am still not sure about this.

I am about to graduate with a master’s degree, and he didn’t go to college. I know it shouldn’t matter. He has a great job. However, I always just have seen myself with someone who has an education.

He is a momma’s boy, and that scares me. He tells his mother everything. While we were on our date, on our train ride home at 1 a.m., I fell asleep on his shoulder. He took a selfie of me, but did not tell me. He sent the picture to his mom, and I found out from his mom (I have never met her) the next day. Should I be creeped out by this? — Broken


Dear Broken:

I’m creeped out just reading about him.

You seem REALLY hesitant to do anything with this guy. I mean, it took you five dates(?!) to kiss AND you were drunk? I went out with a girl for about a month or so (about a date a week) and it wasn’t until that final date that she said she liked me as a friend/liked hanging out with me and, I’ll be honest, that sucked. Don’t string him along any further because it’s not fair to him or you.

On the topic of his educational background, you seem to be fabricating negatives to justify your reason for not liking him all that much. Ultimately, I believe that you really don’t like this guy and on top of that he’s taking photos of you and sending them off to his mom without your consent. That’s photographic rape and a clear sign to GTFO. Get Detective Benson and the SVU squad on the case stat.

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