“Jaw With John” – Dude, you’re dreaming

I’ve recently had multiple dreams where I cheat on my girlfriend.

I’ve never been unfaithful to her or any previous girlfriend, and I’ve never really even considered it. However, in the dreams I am totally aware that I’m in a relationship, but I still “hook up” with these girls, usually an ex or a female friend of mine.

In my dreams I feel guilty but I don’t stop. I’m worried that this dream behavior could transfer over to the real world. Is this likely to happen? What should I do about it? — Unfaithful Dreamer

Dear Unfaithful: It’s a dream. Unless you’ve been the victim of inception, then it doesn’t mean anything.

If dreams did mean something and “transfer over to the real world” then I would be part of a resistance group to take down a still alive Hitler only to be betrayed by my closest ally killed in an explosion, made out with a recently come to life statue of Athena, or not be able to run in real life since I can only swim through the air in my dreams. So, if ANY of those things come to fruition then you’ve got a problem. Until that time, sweet dreams.

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