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Getting Around Brisbane

I found Brisbane to be a very easy city to navigate. I chose QUT as my university to study at because it was a big city, but not too big, and it appeared to have a decent public transportation system. I was right. You can get around via water, road or track.

The most idyllic form of transportation is by CityCat ferry. It navigates the Brisbane River with ease and on, even a moderate weather day, it’s a great way to take in the city without the hassle of traffic. The ferry hops from both banks of the river and I found it a very efficient way to get around. The only negative is that there are some days when the water is being occupied by races, but those are few and far between and there is plenty of advance notice for you. Some call it a bit touristy but I found it more efficient to go from my apartment in Toowong to QUT via CityCat than to take the bus or train.


Like just about every city in the world, Brisbane has a bus system. I found it to be efficient and just like a lot of other bus systems I have used over the years. There are some places that, if you don’t have a car, you can only get to by bus and that’s where it comes in handy. Other than that, there is not much else to write about it.

Queensland Rail, or QR, runs right into the heart of the CBD and stretches out to the airport, toward the coast and to the inland suburbs. I never encountered a problem while I rode QR, you just have to make sure you are on the correct platform (like most trains) or else you’ll end up in the wrong place. As I was getting bored with taking the CityCat to and from school, I started riding QR home and taking in a different view of the city. I would take the bus to Roma Street, get on the train and then get off at Toowong. It was very simple, and somewhat idiot proof to follow.



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“Jaw With John” – Sisters In Law Can’t Hang

My husband is the youngest of three brothers, and we were married last of the bunch.

My older sisters-in-law have become close friends over the years. They have a lot in common — both are teachers (I work in finance), both are of Swedish decent (I’m Greek), and both have two sons (I have three daughters).

We all live in different parts of the country, but spend Christmas in our husbands’ hometown.

I have tried very hard over the years not to feel like the third wheel, but it’s hard when they have so much in common and I can’t relate to many of their conversations.

I have tried to connect with them individually between Christmases, but I’m always the initiator — they never reach out to me. I know they maintain close contact with one another, but I rarely hear from them.

I hesitate to bring up that I’m feeling left out because I want them to be in a relationship with me by choice, not make the effort out of obligation. Also, once when I indicated that I felt a bit left out, one of them got very offended and I felt I had to apologize for feeling that way.

How can I be fair to them (not force them to read my mind), not come off as whiny or needy, and still form a genuine connection with them when there doesn’t seem to be room for me? — Third Wheel Sister

Dear Sister:

Are they first generation Swedish-American or something? And do they speak Swedish to each other? This is just a coincidence and their relationship has been built over time. It sounds like you’re making an excuse as to why they are better friends with each other than you.

You have every right to feel like you’re being left out, because you are. Suggest that you get together every now and then and see what happens. Don’t feel bad that you have to instigate it, if you want to connect with them badly enough then go for it! In the end if they start to spurn your requests you know you have tried and they just don’t want to let new people in so screw them and enjoy your life!

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“Jaw With John” – Jack & Jill Went Up A Hill & Jack Made Out With Someone Else

My good friend “Jill” has been dating “Jack” for years. Recently, someone (not a close friend) saw Jack making out with another girl. This person told “Mary,” who is Jill’s close friend. Unsure about what to do, Mary talked to her boyfriend, her friends, their boyfriends and her mother.

She eventually confronted Jack and blackmailed him into telling the truth. He did.

Jill was obviously furious, but also extremely embarrassed and disappointed that Mary did not come to her directly and that so many people knew about this private situation.

We’ve all debated this. What should Mary have done? Should she have gone to Jill as soon as she found out? Should she have gone to Jack? Or should she have kept her mouth shut? — Concerned and Confused

Dear Confused:

What have we learned here? Never tell Mary anything! She will tell EVERYONE and blackmail in the process. Mary should’ve gone to Jack as soon as she heard this, found out the full story and then proceeded from there. The fact that she’s her close friend and had to run the story through a chain of people is odd. Now Jack and Jill’s dirty laundry is airing out for everyone to see. It’s like that episode of Mr. Belvedere when Mr. Belvedere’s mother shows up and decides to hang Mrs. Owens unmentionables out on the line to dry and a neighbor sees them and tells her (Mrs. Owens) that he likes her choice in underwear. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did.

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“Jaw With John” – Wedding Bells Are Wringing Your Wallet

My best friend (I have known her for 40 years) is getting married for the third time. I was maid of honor at her first wedding and showered her with some very nice gifts at that time.

That marriage lasted two years. She got married the second time. Again, I gave her very nice gifts, both monetary and items from her registry. That marriage lasted 20 years.

Now, she is marrying a guy she knew in grammar school and reconnected with on Facebook.

My family of three is attending this third reception. They are having a dinner in a country club with dancing and a photo booth.

What would be an appropriate gift? My husband is not fond of my friend and feels we should not give a generous gift.

What is your opinion? — Hope Third Time is the Charm!

Dear Hope:

Why are you telling me they have a photo booth? This doesn’t help me make my decision. In fact, it doesn’t even influence my decision. Give her the cheapest thing on her registry, it’s as easy as that. I don’t know why this is such a dilemma since your husband, and I’m guessing you too, feel that she has received enough lavish gifts from you. KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.

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“Jaw With John” – Drunk Texts Should Be Returned To Sender

I need your perspective.

My wife and I have been married for 35 years, and even though she is rarely interested in me, I don’t think she has ever been physically unfaithful. But ever since the technology has become available she has been a drunk texter. For a long time she denied it, but she finally admitted that she was sending “flirty, silly” messages to male friends of ours. Even though I told her I thought it was inappropriate and disrespectful, she insisted it was just harmless fun.

Then she received a text one night after she was asleep. I tried to ignore it, but her phone kept beeping every five minutes. So I finally got her phone out of her purse and pushed the OK button to make it stop. I didn’t read the message or anything.

The next day when she saw she had a missed text, she became unglued. She yelled at me, accusing me of reading her texts and checking her call log. When I explained what really happened, she called me a liar. That’s when I began wondering what was in there that she was so worried I would see. She claimed there was nothing, that it was just a privacy issue. So then I called her a liar and we had an ongoing dispute for a week with both of us saying a lot of mean things.

Fortunately we have mostly gotten past it, but I can’t stop wondering what was in her phone that day. I contend there should not be anything in there that her spouse could not see. And she continues to insist there isn’t and that it is just a privacy issue. What do you think? — Hurt and Confused

Dear Confused:

Whoa whoa whoa! “Even though she is rarely interested in me”??? Did you hear yourself there? I don’t think your wife loves you dude. I’ve drunk texted many times before. Sometimes these things have been as harmless as telling someone where I was. Other times they’ve been videos of me talking to my phone telling myself how drunk I am at that moment. It’s a mixed bag. But it can be dangerous and in this instance, it sounds as such.

This issue though goes BEYOND privacy and straight into possibly being unfaithful. What she is doing is not “harmless”, as she claims, since it is causing you to question your wife’s fidelity. You said it yourself that she’s not interested in you and you sound just interested enough to try and keep her around when you probably shouldn’t.

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